Mei Jin from MMU, 2010
Internship period: 24th June until 29th August 2010

I’m a final year student and At Home Creative was the company that I went for my internship program. I know internship would be the best chance for me to learn more design knowledge and gain some working experience. After looked for the portfolio of the company, I knew this was the company that I’m looking for.

As what I can see, the employees here are professional and full with passion yet don’t mind to share their knowledge with others.  From design principal, design style until software skill, just like what I expected, I learnt a lot of things here. I believe this knowledge will help me a lot in my academic achievement. In the company, you would never know that what is selfish is. They don’t like collogues but family, they are not just always helping each other, they are caring for each other too. I think it is hardly to find such company in nowadays.

Beside of doing design, my supervisor even brought me to printing technology exhibition and also gave me a chance to take part in the 3Rs generation campaign. 3Rs generation is a campaign about recycling and their target audiences are kids. By using our knowledge to doing contribution to the society and also teaching the kids some knowledge about recycling, I think it is really cool. It is a meaningful project for me.

My supervisor was the one who keep updating me with the latest design trend and useful software. He is a person that always updating himself, no matter is the design trend, hot news in design field, latest software, or the new features of the software. From his action and thinking, I can see that he love design very much and he is really enjoy his work as the creative director in At Home Creative.

Lastly, I would like to say thanks to all of my collogue; especially is the creative director who taught me a lot during my intern.

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