Jun Liang from MIA, 2010
Internship period: 26th July to 26th October 2010

I have complete my 3 month internship training in At Home Creative Design Agency at Cheras. Its is a Design Agency that created by two disable person in year 2007, they are creative director in At Home Creative – Raymond Teo and Aw Yat Kong. In this training period Raymond is the person who guide me to the level. In this period I have done few job with different client.

When I first come to At Home Creative, i feel so worry, because almost half of the worker in the agency is disable person. I worry that how to communicate with them and what should I take care for them, but after few day I work in there I feel comfortable and they also nice to talk and ask for advise. From here I know that the ability to work and design is hundred percent as normal person.

In recently month, I have learn many thing from this agency and also my creative director. I learn many detail thing that we should be more concern and some software skill that I did’t know before. The major thing iI learn from here is the art direction from my creative director, he will guide me for every artwork that how should the style and the layout be or the color apply for the artwork. The jobs I do in this agency include poster, bunting, banner, brochure, leaflet, name card, form, menu, packaging surface design, web interface design, web banner, e-newsletter, e-card, and also flash animation.

Beside that, I also will communicate with other when after work or lunch time. They will teach me some skill and also suggestion some design website for me as refrence. From there, I get more knowledge and skill. From our communicate I also more clear about a design lifestyle because sometime they will share something about them, so that I can get ready for my future.

In the period of intern, we also need to meet some client to having a discuss for the project, so we can more clear about the progress of the project, and I also can get more clear direction to design the artwork. The client I meet is friendly and nice, they will describe to me when I didn’t clear for some part of the project. From here, I get experience to communicate with client.

For design job, it not only work indepentenly, sometime I also need to work together with other, such as web interface design job, I need to work together with the web programmer. From ther, I can learn something about web programme too.Someting, Raymond will bring us to some printing fair or exhibition. I can get idea how the printing process running, and the material using.

I am very happy to having a internship at At Home Creative agency. From here,I learn many thing that I never know and some art direction that I hope to get from it. I have try some reality experience about design works, Thanks for At Home Creative and also MIA.

Jun Liang

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