A little seed has sprouted from the wilderness on 15th November, 2007. A big dream was started from here……

“Both of A & T founded a yearning place called AT HOME CREATIVE, just like pouring seeds in the moor. With dedicated soul, they committed to create a platform for disabled people to serve the best to community while giving their best in multimedia and advertising field.

Fix eyes on the goal, they strive to be an excellent solution pioneers in advertising & multimedia, pledge to achieve a remarkable accomplishment , they irrigate continuously under the sun and rain.

Someday, you will find that this is the larruping space with a group of professional, upbeat and creative developers. This is the multimedia consultant we built AT HOME!”

Speeling to the top of career:

1. Dedicated to become the pioneer of Image & Media Consultant which is run by disabled people.
2. Holding the enthusiasm and determination of career, to let creativity & professional services play the role as our connection with the community.
3. A full complement of advertising, multimedia & IT-related consultant.
4. Creates job opportunities to those talented disabled.

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